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Home Automation

Nothing says ‘Welcome Home’ quite like a home automation system from Balaklava Audio. It is time to bring your home into the 21st century; Balaklava Audio can provide your family with a home automation system that will deliver comfort and convenience to your home.

Balaklava Audio offers state-of-the-art home and business automation systems to place you on the cutting edge of automation and control. We offer a variety of touch-screen control systems that are easy to use and will integrate themselves seamlessly into your day-to-day life. They allow unprecedented control over each subsystem such as lighting control, audio systems, security and camera systems, shade control systems, and home theater. The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that has the ability to provide two-way information.  

Control your entire home from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Not only does our home automation system save time and stress, but you will be able to monitor which of your systems is on at any time of day or night- if you’ve left for work without turning the lights off, just open our app and do so from the office! Balaklava Audio is dedicated to giving you a home automation system that will perfectly suit your household, needs, and budget. Our team of technicians will design you a systems and install it seamlessly into your home. The result is a system that gives you quality of life and peace of mind!


Services - Whole House Audio
Whole House Audio

Ensure that your family has a life worth living with a state of the art whole house audio video system from Balaklava Audio!

Investing in a Balaklava audio and video system is an investment in quality time spent with the whole family. Over the last couple of years, the demand has grown for centrally located systems that distribute both audio and video all over your home. Listen to different music and watch different video sources through one easy-to-use system, meaning entertainment for all. Watch, listen, play, and have fun together in one room, or if some family members feel like something different, they can do so simultaneously in another room.

At Balaklava Audio we are well-equipped to offer multi-room audio/video designed to deliver crystal-clear audio and high-definition video throughout your entire home with exceptional value. There is nothing more frustrating than hassling over complicated and intricate sound and video systems that don’t deliver what’s advertised on the box. Balaklava’s audio and video systems are so easy to use it’s actually relaxing- and they can be controlled by any smartphone, tablet, or desktop! We pride ourselves with designing each of our clients a system that fits their family’s unique needs.

Our team of technicians will install your system for you seamlessly so that your home remains beautiful and wire-free. At Balaklava Audio, we believe that having a good sound and video system does not just mean great music and visuals- it means a great life!

Services - Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Having a well-lit home is about more than just being able to see; it’s about highlighting the beauty of your home and keeping it safe at all times.

Having an energy efficient, cost effective lighting system is an investment in your home, and reduces the stress in your life by allowing you to control a wide variety of lights using intelligent switch communication. Our advanced lighting control system gives you remote access of your lighting system, meaning you will always be welcomed home by a well-lit driveway and cozy interior. Furthermore, a lighting control system will give you the means to control and access almost any lighting component in your home; even allowing you to set a vacation mode for when you are away.

We provide products that will literally light up your life! Whether you want accent lighting, general indoor or outdoor lighting, Balaklava Audio gives you the opportunity to have it all! At Balaklava Audio, we understand the impact that lighting can have on our environment, mood, and state of mind. We can help you turn your bedroom into a place of relaxation and serenity and keep your kitchen looking clean and functional. Create the right mood and save energy at the same time while controlling your entire lighting system with the touch of a button. Balaklava Audio knows the ins and outs of lighting technology, and we will help turn your house into a home that simply radiates!

Services - Home Theater
Home Theater

At Balaklava Audio, we want you to experience the thrill of owning a state-of-the-art home theater at an affordable price. We are dedicated to designing and installing a home theater system that perfectly suits the needs of you and your family. Never before has the concept of a home theater been so real and achievable. Finally, your family will have time to spend together in a new and exciting way- the only thing that will keep you away from your home theater system is to refill the popcorn bowl!

The products that make up a home theater are experiencing price wars which has dramatically reduced the overall cost of our custom home theater packages, greatly benefiting our most valued customers, and giving new customers a chance to get their foot in the door. Whether your family are action junkies, swoon over love stories, or enjoy binge watching box sets- a Balaklava Home Theater system is what you need to keep boredom at bay!

We have designed a variety of different theater packages for almost every budget consisting of a wide variety of superior products so that all the entertainment enthusiasts out there can experience the thrill of a cutting-edge theater system. We employ highly skilled technicians who will install your home theater systems quickly and carefully, meaning that everything runs smoothly and looks seamless. With all the wires out of the way, your home theater will look and function perfectly every time you turn it on!

Services - Networking
Networking / Data

Having the correct networking in the home can make a huge difference in your home and your lifestyle- it is the backbone of the modern age. We live in an age where everything needs an internet connection in order to operate to full capacity, so it’s important to stay connected.

If you have more than one computer and more than one user in your home, you would benefit from Balaklava Audio networking. Most new appliances and gadgets such as fridges and televisions require an access to the internet, or connection to Wi-Fi. It goes without saying that your computers, gaming consoles, servers, alarm systems and CCTV camera systems do too. Resource sharing, wireless access points, firewall protection, internet access, and file storage are all components to well-designed computer network.  

At Balaklava Audio, we will cover all of your cabling and networking needs, seamlessly connecting all of your gadgets and appliances to your network and ensuring that your whole house is operating at its maximum capacity. Our highly skilled workforce will wire your whole house seamlessly so that it looks better and becomes smarter than ever. Having a skilled team of professionals do all of your wiring will increase the value of your house and get it ready for the future! Getting your house fully cabled by Balaklava Audio is the first step towards making the smart home of your dreams a reality! Once a home network is in place, it becomes the integration point for dozens of applications.

Office Shades
Shade Control

With motorized shading solutions, you can easily raise the shades to add sunlight, or lower them to reduce heat buildup and add instant privacy. Shades can be preset to automatically open and close during a specific time a year, effectively controlling sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them when you want, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room at all times.

Services - Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring

There are many steps to the process of building a home. It is crucial that first step towards integrating your home is a properly designed structured wiring system. We understand the importance of designing home systems for the lifestyles of today and preparing them for the lifestyles of tomorrow.

A structured wiring system is more than just a random set of cables run throughout the house, but rather is a systematically designed package which is installed by very stringent guidelines.

Our structured wiring packages are designed to bring together each subsystem into one fully automated system. Start with the wiring, finish it right later.  Many system can be wired for a mere fraction of the overall cost of the completed system.

Services - Security
Security Camera's / Systems

Security camera's allow the owner to both monitor as well as record activity on his or her property.

If you’re curious about suspicious activity or would like the convenience and security of viewing who is at your front door, then a security camera system is what you need.

There are plenty of options when it comes to security systems and cameras. DVR’s or Digital Video Recorders, motion or light sensors just too name a few. When choosing cameras, it all depends on the application, if you want to see near or far, whether you prefer color or black & white, if you want them to be seen or installed covertly, and if the recording time is day / night or both. The wide selection of DVR’s range from basic 80G hard drives to fully programmable multi-gig networkable drives with DVD rewritable capabilities. Basically, your options are endless with a security camera system.


Services - Outdoor Living
Outdoor Living

Backyards, patios and pools have been the technologically neglected part of the home for too long, but have been an integral part of entertaining, especially in the summer. With new advances in outdoor technology, you can now bring the comfort, enjoyment and sounds from indoors to your patio and pool areas!

Building Automation

Our state-of-the-art business automation packages put you on the cutting edge of systems control.

Our variety of touch-screen control systems allow unprecedented control over each sub-system. Our system design also allows you to manage systems from a user-friendly interface that displays critical information tied to the operation of your space.

The design of the system allows you to manage every one of your systems from a user-friendly interface that displays information critical to the success of your firm, business or showcase 

Services - Commercial - Boardroom

Enhance your business meeting with a state of the art conference room. We are able to seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated conference room, from projectors to lighting to video & audio conferencing and overall control of the entire integrated system. We also take into account the time sensitive nature of your project given your company’s daily operations and coordinate with other contractors to make a smooth process.


Services - Commercial - Restaurant
Restaurants & Bars

We design and install affordable restaurant audio and video systems that are powerful and easy to control. Our restaurant and bar a/v installations will take your business to the next level and help increase your earnings by keeping your customers ordering food and drinks while being entertained by their favorite sports teams on beautiful video displays.

Excellent audio helps set the tone you want and gives you the ability to create different atmospheres at different times. Control the temperature, music and lights with programmable systems for individual to multiple areas in one or more locations.

Services - Commercial - Educational
Educational Facilities

We specialize in installing Interactive Smart Classrooms and helping you build a model that works for your budget and long and short term goals. Our classroom technology components include but are not limited to: interactive white boards accessories, projectors, voice amplification systems, and document cameras. Our services include wiring, switching and routing these resources to provide an exceptional environment for teaching and learning.

Additionally a control system can be utilized to streamline presentations and teaching sessions to get everyone engauged in seconds not minutes as typical systems operate.


Services - Commercial - Digital Signage
Community Centres and Arenas

With technology prices being driven lower and lower over the last 10 years it has become increasingly affordable to incorporate great audio / video solutions in community buildings and arean's.  From Ice Surface loud speakers, to whole building audio for music, live MICs and more Balaklava will custom tailor a solution that is perfect for your project.

Limited space? Why not open another area of your building for a second screen so that a camera and video system can be installed in order for a service or event to be enjoyed by all