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Modern Home Reno, Tech Upgrade

This house under took a massive renovation with a complete redo of the entire main level. With the new sleek feel of the modern design the home owner requested that their technology also be upgraded to compliment the design. One of the requests was to be able to stream music from the internet all over the home, while having the ability to watch any cable box, apple tv, dvd player on any screen in the home, all at once, or in different sequences.

Balaklava Audio provided a clean, simple user experience with all equipment stored in the mechanical room of the home.  Access and control was given through the use of a hand held remote control, iPhone and iPad app as well as a touch screen keypad centrally located on the main floor.  Access one room or many, turn on or off the whole house or things individually.  Flexibility and simple operation was the biggest concern for this client.

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Council Chambers

With a paperless agenda in mind, this township wanted the ability to broadcast documents from there local computers and tablets. While also having the ability to record both video and audio, as well as what's displayed on the board room screen.  The recorded version of the meetings would then be broadcast on the internet for public viewing.  Not only are they lowering their environmental impact, but they are providing all township members a chance to keep connected on their own time!


-Council Mic audio is broadcast to the chamber speakers as well as the recording device

-Live Video, Audio and documents displayed on the council TVs are all recorded 

-Access the system via the Touch-screen, Remote Control or App on your smart device

-Ability to screen share content from ANY DEVICE, PC, ANDROID MAC you name it we can display it


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Network Audio System

This client had a demand for a sleek fitting, performance tuned audio system that was fully accessible and controllable via the network application. The system is paired with Bay Audio Elevate 7 speakers which deliver both a clean and crisp sound filling any room they are placed. Control and amplification was handled by Nuvo with a pair of their 3000 series amplifiers.  Rack mounting the system off in the kitchen allowed for the housing of all of the homes video wiring, network and the kitchen cable box. Future considerations were left in the rack to expand this system as the home owner sees fit.

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Office Audio and Shading

This multi-floor office busting with flair and enginueity required an audio system that could provide both music and intercomm capabilities with the option to "rock it out" for the friday afternoon affairs! Volume and source can be the same or different in any area, with a Sonos unit providing web control and connectivity.

Q-motion E-Screen shades were installed in the lower meeting room and in an upper board room.  The flexibility of both manual or remote operation as well as the ability to have the shade lowered, while still allowing light to come through was a big selling feature for this space.  With Q-motion and E-screen you can truly have the best of both worlds!

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Multi-Room Audio with Distributed Video

This beautiful home is coupled with a distributed 4 zone audio system that is also paired up with a TV in the Great room and a TV in the Master Bed.  All of the equipment is stored in the main floor laundry for easy access and simple and intuitive design. Functions are accessed through hand held remote controls with Room and House settings for streamlined and ultimate control in one room or many. Music pre-sets from the sat receivers provide simple and direct selection of any kind of genre you can imagine!

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Townhouse Reno

This homeowner wanted to have all the things they could from a new build point of view, and didn't wanted to be held back by purchasing a pre existing home.  Balaklava was able to integrate and install all the componets this home owner wanted with a few nice extra perks.  With lighitng control on the main level, and video and audio distributed throughout, this home boasts unique features and packs a lot of punch!


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Pool System with buried in ground sub-woofer

This client wanted a high performance audio system for his outdoor pool and patio area. With the home being situated on the edge of town it was possible to really dig in some roots and put in a system that had some serious high's (7x Park Stevens PS4 speakers mounted on steaks) and chest thumping bass (Park Stevens outdoor buried sub-woofer). The great sound is heard while both in the pool and out with full coverage designed with a professional sound dispersion schematic for the area. The system is located in the main house basement, but is controlled and adjusted through a mobile app available on any smartphone or device with wi-fi connectivity.  All wiring was laid into conduit with heat shrink connectors and conduit for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

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Distributed A/V & Golf Simulator

This tastefully designed and decorated home is filled with lots of amenities throughout. The modern design and style, with simple and elegant features truly make this home a show-piece. No detail is left unfinished, including the integrated electronics which include a Golf Simulator, 7.1 Theatre Surround with a 210" screen, Distributed Audio and Video, Network Control System, streaming audio player and commercial network infrastructure. Handheld remote controls and keypads are located throughout both levels of the home as well as hard button keypads and iOS control for further flexibility. 

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Full Featured Home with Security Cam's

This home had a complete renovation under way and wanted to bring their audio / video system upgrade along for the ride.  During the renovation process a security camera system was also decided upon. The home features a pool area, main floor open kitchen with a living room tv area just adjacent to that.  Another wonderful feature of this home it's the main floor sitting room looking onto the front of the property, and the home security system which is viewable on all five tv's in the home, master bed, living room, den, gym and rec room.  The backyard is a true summer haven with an inground pool, and seperate sitting area with integrated sound system. The home owner wanted the preformance of an high quality audio system but didn't want the black box feel ruining the oasis setting.


A multil-zone audio system was installed with a network control system so that the users can access the system via the in wall key-pad, handheld remote or iOS app.  The rec room is complimented by a Bay Audio 5.1 surround system powered by a Yamaha AVR.