Custom Media Room - Balaklava

Lake House Project

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This Lake House renovation wanted to pack as much punch as possible into the entertainment system for the main living area's.  Complete with lighting control, streaming music and a full 5.2 surround sound system this place will keep you occupied for hours.  The outdoor area also has 2 seperate audio zones that can be controlled from an ipad or iphone.  The whole home can be accessed through the Total Control app which also allows the home owner to set the alarm system from any remote, keypad or iOS device.  With so many features and simple intuitive operation this Lake Home truly has it all!


Highlights for 2014....

  • Lighting control systems are becoming part of the mainstream for new home builds and renovations. Centralized wiring gives you the ability to have complete and total control of ANY light from anywhere in the home.  No need for multiple switches and wall clutter, just simple intuitive operation.
  • A Home Network is ESSENTIAL for smooth and desirable operation of your experience while using the internet, Netflix, Sonos streaming players or many other services that require an internet connection.  With a commercial grade router and wifi solution you leave nothing to chance.

  • New home build prewiring is an essential topic for 2014.  We are now going into homes that were built in the mid and late 90's and discovering that they were drastically underestimating the use and function of technology in the home going forward.  Sure there is always going to be some type of wireless solution, but a hard-wire solution in almost every case will be more cost effective and performance driven over it's wireless counterparts.