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Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi is a Reality


Tired of dead spots in your home, back yard, garage, pool, or even your office? Then it is time to upgrade your network and enjoy the true potential of your internet connection.

Bottom Line First

Let’s cut to the chase and solve the problem. There are more details below, but here is the solution:
Balaklava Audio can visit your home or business, evaluate the floorplan, usage areas, and construction material at no cost. We will provide a proposal that will replace some of your networking hardware and add more Wireless Access Points. Our proposal will include the labor and material to give you wall-wall Wi-Fi and even cover your outdoor areas. We will make sure every networked device is connected and running before we leave. The system will be highly secure and very reliable. When we leave, you will have the absolute best Wi-Fi signal possible and no dead zones.

Our networks are configured for remote access for network security and performance updates. This also allows us to have remote access and trouble shoot issues faster. We are committed to keeping your network secure and working.

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The Problems

Most Wi-Fi networks have one or two wireless access points (WAP) and the further you get from a WAP, the worse the signal. The problem is compounded by the construction material in the building. This graph shows how different materials can have a significant impact on the strength of the signal. Lathe & Plaster or Stucco were not listed, but they are both known to impact signal strength as well.


 Types of construction material that can interfere with wifi signals


This simple example shows the WAP in the basement with a concrete wall. Notice how the signal weakens due to distance and materials. 


simple house showing blockage of wifi

Same house, same WAP location and even in the same room the signals are different.

Shows how even in the same roo, wifi can be different

A Balaklava Audio network will add WAPs strategically in the building based on the construction materials and usage, resulting in broader coverage that is very fast. We even make sure there is a signal in the backyard. 

How much better the wifi signal will be

Frequency and Channel

Another challenge to good Wi-Fi is that multiple homes (especially condos) will use the factory default frequency and channel, thereby putting everyone in the same RF bandwidth and eating up capacity. Our installation takes this into consideration, and we test various settings to find the least used frequency and channel to deliver an unclogged Wi-Fi signal.

The Streaming Hog

Streaming content to TV’s, PCs, and smart phones is only going to increase the demand for bandwidth. Think of bandwidth as plumbing in your home. The pipes are only so big and only so much water can be pushed through them. Wi-Fi has the same capacity constraints. The router and each WAP have to be specified and properly connected to deliver maximum capacity. Wires may be needed to insure maximum capacity to the WAPs and devices that will use a lot of data. The new 4K streaming video can bring a network to its knees. We may be better off to run a wire to your Smart TV.

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