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How You Can Benefit from a Simplified Office Space



Easy-To-Use Tech Helps You Wow Clients and Boost Employee Collaboration

Do you have a dedicated area in your Waterloo, ON office to meet new clients? Or a place where employees can brainstorm new ideas and build on each other’s skills? Do you have the right environment to incorporate remote employees and help them feel included in company affairs?

By now you may be wondering how you’d make room to fit all these different functions. Let us show you how our conference room installations simplify all your office technology, so you can meet all these goals. Keep reading to explore the unique ways our custom solutions create a better environment for clients and employees.

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Create a Great First Impression

Getting a client in the door is only the first step. Since that first impression is so important, you want to showcase a professional image of your company. Start on the right foot with a conference room installation that makes it easy to set up the perfect audio, video, lighting, and climate from a dedicated touchpad.

Do you have a client coming into the office? Take advantage of additional smart security features to know the second they arrive, speak with them through a two-way intercom, and unlock the door from your conference room touchpad.

Having a video conference instead? Enjoy seamless communication with enterprise-grade networking that prevents buffering pauses and expert microphone placement that ensures everyone is heard. All parties easily share content during the presentation with high-tech collaboration software.

Find Unique Ways to Boost Collaboration

Efficient communication is just as necessary for your employees. Now you can take advantage of a multi-purpose conference room installation that makes it easy to support a variety of collaboration types. It’s also simple to incorporate remote employees in presentations, meetings and video calls in your conference room and additional huddle rooms.

Get employees to use these spaces for skill shares, work sprints, or team-wide brainstorms. One of the benefits of these systems is that they’re easy to learn, so IT doesn’t have to be involved every time the group wants to get together to develop new ideas. Sharing presentations, photos and more is easy through built-in HDMI ports and wireless options.

Are you worried about people fighting for time in these designated collaboration hubs? Add room scheduling, so everyone knows when rooms are available and when they'll open up again if they're not.

Build a Comfortable Work Environment for All

It’s just as important to create a comfortable work environment for all your employees. Despite all the excellent benefits mentioned above, this needs to be the number one priority in your office and conference room technology.

Do employees feel safe when they come to the office? Often, lack of security or improper lighting will encourage workers to leave early and arrive late. Our systems can span your entire space. Let employees adjust lights as needed anywhere on your property and lock and unlock doors easily.

How comfortable are workers sharing their opinions? Environments that stifle communication will also stifle creativity and innovation. Help employees voice their ideas and views with an open and collaborative company culture. But even this may not be enough.

Particularly shy or reluctant employees may have a hard time overcoming tech obstacles. For them, asking how to start a presentation, set up a video call or share content is daunting. Reduce this stress with simple conference room installations that allow them to participate without any additional help or training.


Unleash your company’s potential with easy-to-use, multi-purpose conference room installations. If you want to learn more or set up a meeting to discuss your Waterloo, ON office needs, call us at 519.367.5790 or fill out our online contact form.