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Lutron: Lighting Control Made Easy


Lutron Lets You Manage Your Lights Your Way

Lutron is a company whose name is synonymous with lighting systems and control. Way back in 1959, the company originated the first solid-state lighting dimmer. You may have seen Lutron switches and controls at your local Home Depot, but the products you see there are but a small fraction of what they offer. Lutron makes a broad range of sophisticated lighting control and management systems for both residential and commercial use.


When it comes to residential lighting control, no other vendors offer as many options as Lutron. You can start with one room and expand to your entire house. Lutron makes systems for a few rooms, a large house, and sprawling properties. They also integrate very well with other smart home automation products and systems, from coordinating with smart speakers to home automation systems.


In this blog, we’ll give you a taste of different ways Lutron lighting control makes it easy to manage any lighting in your Cambridge property.




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Lutron Keypads


Lutron makes a wide variety of wall-mounted keypads – both wired and wireless – that make it a snap to control lighting and other functions. For smaller systems, Lutron’s Caseta wireless system is an excellent choice. The versatile wireless Pico keypads can be wall mounted and even be removed and used as a handheld remote. One version of the Caseta keypad has media control buttons that can be programmed to work with a home audio system. Lutron has done a specific integration to make it work with the popular wireless speakers from Sonos. The best part is that you can program a scene which starts your favorite music and turns the lights to your preferred setting, all with one button.


Other Lutron keypads consolidate banks of light switches into elegant and easy-to-use controls that turn on groups of lights and scenes just the way you want. Create a specific scene for cooking with one button, which turns on all your kitchen lights to the right level. Another button for entertaining can create the right ambiance for a dinner or cocktail party across several rooms. Models from Lutron’s Palladiom line offer stylish designer colors and finishes that complement any décor, and they can be custom engraved and backlit too.




Voice Control


Amazon’s Alexa has become enormously popular. Lutron was early to recognize the power of voice control as an easy way to accomplish lighting control and automation. They partnered with Amazon to make the power of Lutron lighting control accessible through simple Alexa voice commands. Every one of their systems, from Caseta Wireless to Homeworks QS, can work with Alexa voice control. Lutron wants to make their systems accessible through all the popular platforms. As Apple’s Siri and Google Home have made further inroad into home automation, Lutron has updated their Bridge, the gateway for integration with other systems, to work with them as well. If you have a voice platform of choice, it can work with your Lutron system. Whether its “OK Google, turn off living room” or “Alexa, dim living room to 50%”, Lutron has it covered.


Smart Home Automation Systems


In larger properties, integrating lighting control with other smart devices like surveillance cameras, security alarms, smart thermostats, and AV entertainment add even more value to a Lutron investment. To that end, the company has worked with smart home automation companies to make it easy to incorporate Lutron lighting control in those systems. Smart home automation solutions provide a single, intuitive interface for simplified control, and let all your smart systems work together, automating routine tasks, saving energy, and making complex homes simpler to operate and manage.


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