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Three Reasons To Install Building Automation


Don’t Leave Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency to Chance


Is your building as efficient as it could be?  Does it provide your tenants with a comfortable environment?  Do they feel completely safe? 

These may not be easy questions to answer.  If your tenants are continually complaining about issues, you may know about problem areas.  But some things go unreported unless they are constant annoyances.  One sure way to know about how your building is faring is its occupancy and the churn of your tenants. 

You know why tenants make changes.  A new building may have better amenities. If the HVAC system is too cold too much of the time, employees complain.  If the building doesn’t have the perception of security, that can be an issue.  If utility costs are high, tenants may want to move where they are more affordable.

Building automation systems can help keep your Waterloo property competitive in Ontario by judicious application of smart technology.   Read on to learn more. 


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Climate Control

Climate control is critical in any building. A key consideration is striking a balance between comfort and efficiency.  If you don’t have the luxury of using more efficient insulation materials in an older property, automation can help maintain this balance.

Employing smart thermostat controls along with sensors for occupancy and temperature can help effectively regulate your HVAC system.  Common areas that aren’t occupied can be set to efficient temperatures that minimize heating and cooling.   At the same time, tenants will have control of their comfort while still setting usage limits and managing HVAC efficiently.

Motorized shades also help in both winter and summer.  Automated shades block harmful UV rays and limit heat in summer. In winter, they maximize warming and natural light.  Retrofitting motorized shades to an older property is not difficult, and it can be coordinated with lighting and climate control for optimized efficiency.

Lighting Management

Lighting affects many aspects of a building.  It creates a more comfortable place to live and work, sets the right ambiance, and is an aid in security. 

Lighting can be effectively managed with whole building systems.  As with HVAC, occupancy sensors can be effective for both security and efficiency.  There is no need to light an empty room, and outside entries and spaces can be lit when there is motion, as in a parking garage or walkway.  With lighting control, schedules can be programmed to balance efficiency, comfort, and safety. 

Just as with HVAC, tenants still have control of their environment. Simplified and automated controls for common areas and meeting spaces are used to provide control, but the automated system ensures that energy isn’t wasted when the space is not in use. 

Access Control and Security

Buildings have public spaces that anyone can access, but the areas where only tenants are allowed should be adequately controlled. Access control systems can ensure that tenants have easy access to entries that are secured after hours, or to common areas that are exclusively for tenants. 

Security cameras can be employed to monitor entries and common areas.  Should the need arise, modern technology allows for quick analysis of video feeds is an incident occurs.  Cameras in selected locations not only add to security but are used to monitor usage of shared spaces, helping to gather data for space utilization and management.


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