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Five Ways Smart Automation Makes Your Life Easier


Do you find yourself doing the same routines again and again at home? Are you constantly turning on your outside lights on and off at dusk and dawn? Do you wish there was a way to remotely turn on your alarm system and “away” lights because you forgot to do it – again?

The good news is that smart home automation is here to automate the routine. You might ask, haven’t other ways existed to automate these functions? True, things like rain sensors for irrigation, electric eyes for detecting light to trigger outside lights, etc. have been used to automate manual tasks  But it’s nothing like today’s technology, because today’s devices, powered by software, are much smarter than ever before. Because these intelligent devices are networked and connected to the Internet, they now have far more functionality and also work together in ways that were never possible before.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use smart home automation to make your life easier in your Kitchener Ontario home.


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Smarter Lights

Controlling and automating your lighting is more flexible than ever before. Home lighting control systems like those from our partner Lutron offer the convenience and luxury of controlling lights from anywhere you have an internet connection – like your car or smartphone. You can set scenes for moods and activities, time your outside lights to the sunrise and sunsets, and automatically turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use. Smart lighting can also integrate with smart security to make it look like your home is occupied when you’re away.


Smarter Shades

Motorized shades that go up and down with the push of a button have been around for years – but they now have a graduate degree compared to a few years ago. Smart features allow them to be raised or lowered automatically according to information from heat and light sensors. On a cold, sunny  Ontario winter day, shades can be raised to let natural light in and some sun. In the height of summer, they can be lowered to keep your house cooler and avoid harmful UV exposure. 


Smart Access

Need to provide temporary access to a contractor or maintenance person? Do you have a guest coming into town? You don’t need to leave the key under the mat anymore – which was never exactly a well-kept security secret anywhere. By installing smart locks, you can give conditional access to someone for a specified period – without worrying that they will continue to have access to your home if they decided to keep the key under the mat.

Smart Security and Surveillance

There is a vast range of intelligent security and surveillance cameras and systems available today. The smartest ones have motion detection, can be panned remotely to view what’s going on, and offer a range of notifications to let you know what’s happening.

If you want to monitor pets or children, some have 2-way audio communication so you can talk. The best new feature is the use of facial recognition to detect people, just like the technology in the latest iPhones. Some can also recognize pets. With this technology, the system only notifies you of unusual activity when the face isn’t familiar. 


Voice Control

What once was thought of as science fiction is now reality.  You can now speak to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to do a wide range of home automation functions. Say “Bedtime” to turn off lights and AV systems and set a comfortable sleeping temperature. The types of commands you can issue grows seemingly every week, and smart home automation companies have been quick to add these features to add yet another control dimension to smart home systems. 


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