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How to Stream 4K to Every Corner of Your Home



Ensure Coverage All Around Your Property


When homeowners consider an audio video installation for their Kitchener property, they probably picture something like the home entertainment systems of the previous decades.

But today’s systems are different. Rather than big, bulky components cluttering up your media or living room, you can enjoy the same level of control when everything is tucked away neatly in a closet or basement.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the secrets of AV distribution, so you can enjoy crisp, clear 4K in every corner of your home. Just keep reading for more.




Rack with Confidence

The first step in building an AV distribution system is finding a place to store your equipment. It can be anywhere in the house, but most likely you’ll be happy with a place that’s out of the way.

A rack is more important than just a pile of electronics. When your integrator builds one, they’re organizing the devices in a way that makes them easy to add to and maintain. That way, if they ever come back to your home, they can get right to work.


Build the Chain

To achieve full 4K resolution, ever component in your chain must be 4K capable. That includes your source, like a media server or Blu-ray player, HDMI 2.0 cables, switchers, and, ultimately, your video display.

It’s important that everything is 4K ready, because otherwise your system could lose resolution or even black out, instead of showing your crisp, clean Ultra HD.

An aspect that many users overlook is cabling. When connecting two nearby devices, HDMI 2.0 works very well. But beyond 16 feet, it can’t handle the signal density of 4K video.

Instead, many integrators use upgraded cabling like fiber optics or HDBaseT, which allows for full 4K signal transfer up to 300 feet. Every inch of your property can be covered!


Media Management

Of course, once you’ve built a 4K system you’ll want to watch all your favorite movies and shows. And in today’s market of streaming services, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with apps, information, and content.

Thankfully, your smart home system helps you manage your media. With a few swipes on your controller, you can select a movie, read info, play, pause and more. Plus, you can control all the other aspects of your smart home as well – from the lights to the thermostat.

That means you can enjoy total control anywhere in the house – without getting up from the couch!


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