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Do You Need Smart Home Automation?



A Smarter Way to Approach Your Next Technology Upgrade


Smart home automation seems like a lot of fun, right? Telling your Amazon Alexa to lower all the shades and raise the lights is sort of like living in a sci-fi dream.

But integrated technology isn’t just a way to pass the time – it’s a practical addition to your everyday life.

From lowering energy consumption to simplifying many of your most frequent tasks, connected technology makes your Waterloo lifestyle a bit more manageable.

In this blog, we’ll showcase some of the ways you can identify pain points in your life that integrated technology can help alleviate. Read on for more.




Too Much Technology!

Think about this: when you got your first flat-panel TV, Blu-ray player and sound system, what was the first thing you did? Probably invested in a universal remote to control everything.

It made life easier to use a single device to command each of the components rather than a different controller for each.

Today, your house has a lot more technology in it. From 4K TVs and Dolby Atmos surround sound systems, to connected thermostats, motorized shades and more. Automation acts as a universal remote for all your devices and so much more.

Not only can you control each device with a single controller, but the intuitive OS can help you group certain commands together for even greater ease.


It’s Too Hot (or Cold) in Here!

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some fun in the sun. But it can also result in a lot more strain on your energy bill if you’re relying on your thermostat too much.

Smart home automation helps take the pressure off your comfort system by making different devices work together. For example, roller shades can be used to insulate your home from heat or cold.

Thanks to a combination of sensors and timers, your system with act automatically to ensure your home never gets too hot. More importantly, it can do this during the freezing winter months as well.

Your system can give you real-time updates on your energy consumption. Once you’ve reached a certain threshold, you’ll receive a push notification and you can remotely adjust the settings to help conserve even more energy.


There’s No One Home!

Nobody likes to leave their home unattended, but if you’re heading out on a big vacation, you may not have a choice.

That is, unless you’ve invested in integrated technology. With a smart home system, your surveillance cameras can speak to your other technology to ensure you leave your home secured.

Moreover, smart shading and lighting can make your home appear occupied, even when you’re miles away.


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