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Renovating an Old Apartment Building?



Ensure Your Residents Enjoy Modern Conveniences and Classic Looks


Cambridge is full of history. But if we don’t make efforts to preserve it, it might disappear forever.

One of the best and most exciting ways local developers and building managers can help keep history alive is by renovating old buildings and turning them into usable spaces – apartments, shops and more.

But just because the bones are old doesn’t mean it has to be old-fashioned. Building automation is the perfect way to live a modern lifestyle while stepping into the past.

In this blog, we’ll show you some smart ways to upgrade the building you manage with automation features. Ready to get started? Just keep reading.


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Networking an Old Building

The unfortunate truth of preserving old buildings is that, oftentimes, you have to gut them completely. While the bones and façade remain intact, you must redo the entire interior.

But it’s easy to turn that downside into a positive: tearing down the interior walls gives you an excellent opportunity to run cabling and wires to ensure a strong network throughout the space.

The network serves as the backbone for any automation you may add in the future, like smart thermostats, integrated lighting control and security features.

Your residents will be happy with the smart control features that help keep them safe, stay comfortable and save energy while living in a historical building.


Wireless Connections

Occasionally, an old building will require wireless connections. Sometimes it’s impossible to run wires throughout the entire space.

In these cases, smart wireless networking is a great way to offer automation services throughout your MDU.

Wireless systems work more or less the same way as hardwired systems -- at least from the perspective of the end user – and it may be an affordable way to offer modern technology.

Additionally, Wi-Fi included in your MDU will make your residents happier and increase the value of the available units.



Even if you’re not interested in providing total building automation in your renovated space, modern renters demand contemporary technology in at least one area: their security system.

Automated locks for external access points are essential. Not only will your residents feel more secure, but you’ll also have a record for everyone who comes in and out. If there’s ever any trouble, you can pull up the history.

Moreover, smart surveillance cameras can capture all the action and provide you with an easy to navigate record of events based on date, time, location and more. If you ever need to, reviewing footage is just one click away.


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