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What It’s Like Living With Smart Home Automation



A Simple Lifestyle Is Just One Touch Away


If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times: smart home automation makes your lifestyle easier.

But what does that mean, exactly? How does integrated technology help alleviate the stresses of your everyday life?

That’s what we intend to answer with this blog. In it, we’ll show you some scenarios that you probably encounter every day and how home automation can help make it easier.

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Waking Up

If you’re not a morning person, waking up can be a hassle. Not only do you have to hear an annoying alarm, but your eyes have to adjust quickly to the bright morning light.

But when you integrate technology with your morning routine, it’s easier than ever.

Instead of the harsh sounds of your alarm clock, the soft tones of your favorite playlist can filter in through your in-wall speakers.

Rather than opening your eyes to harsh lighting, your system can slowly brighten to keep in sync with your circadian rhythms.

As you gradually awaken, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to start your day.


Heading Out

Whether you’re leaving for work or heading out on a big family vacation, you have to make sure your property is safe while you’re gone.

When you automate the technology in your home, it just takes one touch.

As you leave the house, set your system to an away mode. Each door equipped with automated locks will secure, your surveillance cameras will activate and your lighting system will prepare for your departure.

Lights will alternate between rooms in a realistic fashion to make it look like you’ve never left.

And if any of these systems sense any changes – say someone comes home early from work or school – you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone or tablet.


Coming Home

When you’re on your way home, you don’t want to walk into a dark house. And with your smart home automation system your property can prepare for your arrival.

With one touch on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn on all the lights leading to your front door and within the foyer.

Another tap on the wall mounted touch panel once you get inside will turn on your AV system. You can sit down and relax with your favorite channel. You won’t have to adjust the volume, lighting or even the thermostat – they all automatically set themselves to your favorite specifications.

Once you’re ready for bed, just one more tap on your controller and the entire system can shut down your AV as you get ready for bed.

The lights in unused rooms will turn off, your security features will arm and you can simply head off to bed.


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