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Enhance Your Boardroom With These Tech Upgrades

Enjoy Seamless Gatherings in Your Kitchener, ON Business

Meetings are a necessary evil when it comes to running a business.

They take time out of your busy production schedule. And if you’re not careful, they can be disorganized and not helpful at all.

But if you invest in the right boardroom technology to help you simplify your meeting time, you can increase productivity all around.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can get the most out of your meeting time with smart technology.

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Projector and Screen

The combination is a classic, but it’s just as functional today as it was a century ago. A projector/screen combo allows you the biggest video display with minimum space requirements.

That means whether you have a full-sized conference room or just a small huddle room, you can enjoy full visibility from every angle.

It works simply and saves you space. When you’re not using the system, easily hide the components. The screen rolls up, and the projector recesses into the ceiling via a motorized lift.

And when you integrate your devices with an automated control system, it’s even easier.

With a touch of a button on a wall panel, tablet or smartphone, your system springs into action. The projector and screen lower and begin the presentation while you remain organized and on point.

Lighting Control

Additionally, the right lighting can help command attention and keep your team focused.

Smart lighting can do that simply, quickly and efficiently.

With one touch on your control device, you can arrange the lighting in your room to keep the focus on what’s important throughout the meeting.

Whether you choose an overhead spotlight or simply dimming the fixtures in the back of the room to draw attention to the front, it’s simple with integrated lighting.

And when you integrate it with the controls of your other devices, setup becomes even easier.

Just tap the button on your control interface and the technology does the rest of the work automatically.

Smart Shading

Similarly to integrated lighting, smart shades can help your staff remained focused during the meeting.

Reduce distractions on the other side of internal windows. Avoid harsh sunlight conditions and maintain a constant temperature along the outside-facing windows.

Smart shading works in conjunction with your lighting and other technologies to create the perfect environment.


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