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Can You Benefit from a Building Automation System?


Building Automation Introduction


Explore How Commercial Automation Can Enhance Your Kitchener, ON Business


If you own a business, you likely are often trying to balance offering better services with the challenges of maintaining your workplace location.

We know first-hand that it’s difficult to manage a business. But there are solutions readily available that will add efficiency to your workspace.

Here’s one option to enhance your Kitchener, Ontario business: Invest in a building automation system.

Don’t worry if you are not sure what that entails or how it might apply to your company. We’ll explain in the sections below.

Increase Workplace Efficiency


One of the most significant benefits of commercial automation is how it provides increased efficiency for day-to-day workplace activities.

How? A custom electronics professional can merge all of your office distribution systems – from audio and video components to lighting and shade control – onto one easy-to-manage control platform.

You can then access that integrated control system from the convenience of an in-wall keypad, remote, touchscreen panel, computer, tablet or smartphone.

With the press of a single button on your control application, for example, you can prepare a boardroom for a presentation ahead of time – as lights dim, shades roll down and your devices turn on before you even enter the room.

As your employees get used to your workspace’s new automation system, they quickly will realize they won’t have to worry about technology cooperating. Instead, they can focus on more profitable activities.


Provide Positive Experience For Guests


Especially if your business is client-facing, you’ll want to be able to “wow” your customers.

If they walk into your establishment and instantly are greeted by a welcoming environment, they will be more receptive to having a positive experience and becoming a repeat client.

How do building automation systems play a role in creating unforgettable client experiences?

Motorized shades in restaurants can sense direct sunlight and automatically roll down so that customers can enjoy a comfortable dining experience. In medical offices, patients can enjoy a complement of lighting control and audio distribution as they instantly feel relaxed from the moment they walk in.

Add Convenience to Workplace Management


With commercial automation, you never have to worry about spending too much time on office maintenance.

If you operate a retail store, you can press a single button that instantly unlocks all of your doors, turns on your lighting and begins playing your favorite playlist from an audio distribution system. On your way out, just press another button and your lights will turn off, your devices will shut down and your security system will activate for the evening.

Businesses also can easily comply with clients’ requests, from modifying restaurant entertainment options to altering the lighting, entertainment and temperature levels in a patient’s room.

As you and your employees save time on workplace management, you quickly will realize how much more your business will be able to achieve.

To find out more about building automation systems and their benefits, all you need to do is reach out to us. We can install a custom solution fit to the needs of your Kitchener, Ontario business, or we can answer any questions you might have.
You can get in touch with us by either calling 519.367.5790 or by filling out a short form through the link below. We look forward to assisting you!

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