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3 Simple Ways You Can Control Your Smart Home


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Smart home automation can add convenience, efficiency and entertainment value to your residence.

Need to turn off the lights before bedtime? No need to go to each room to do so. Want to watch a movie in your home theater? In one simple command, lights dim, a screen falls from the ceiling and surround sound activates.

Those are some of the many benefits that come with smart home automation, but one of the best is the flexibility in how you can control your system.

We partner with RTI to offer you a variety of ways to manage the automation system in your Cambridge, Ontario home.

Read on to find out which easy-to-use control method might work best for you.


Remotes are among the most popular household objects in the world, typically used to manage audio and video components.
They also can control your smart home system.

With an RTI remote, you can can manage your audio and video distribution, your home lighting system and more simply through either pressing a button or a built-in touchscreen.

You even can communicate over video intercom through the remote’s internal microphone and camera.


One of the most traditional ways of controlling a smart home is through an in-wall touchscreen or keypad. You also can place a touchpanel on a countertop or under a cabinet.

All you have to do is decide where you want your device and you immediately will have access to manage all of your home’s technology.

RTI even offers a water-resistant, in-wall keypad so that you can manage your home’s lighting, audio and video from the kitchen or the outdoors.
Best of all, each interface is user-friendly so that you don’t have to work hard to control your smart home.


You don’t have to be in your home to access your automation system.

In fact, you can access your entire smart home’s capabilities from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Simply download the RTI Panel application, and you can control your smart home from wherever you might be – whether you’re lying in bed at home or you’re in a meeting halfway around the world.

Don’t remember if you locked the front door on the way out or if you turned off the lights before a vacation?
It’s not a problem with home control mobile applications.

If you’re interested in a smart home automation system for your Cambridge residence, we can help you discover your options. You can contact us either by calling 519.367.5790 or by clicking on the button below.

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