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4K can wait....Save your $ for Ice Cream

May 16th, 2016


With the recent onslaught of 4K and ULTRA HD broadcast marketing, take a few minutes and get some TV education! Being a millennial I wasn't taught to wait, more like....check this out, it's new and it's great! One of the first things learned in this business was “just because you can, doesn't mean you should.”

A perfect example, the construction of the "Skydome" or more commonly known today as the Rogers Center. (For us mature millennials we still like the vintage "Skydome") To avoid similar mistakes made in Montreal's Olympic Stadium, the plan was to use proven technology that works. I'm sure the prospects salivated at the idea of putting the latest and greatest technology into a state of the art building, the first of its kind. What did they end up using? A proven system of dedicated motors on steel rails, simply put a train. This lead to a fantastic result, and a simple method to operate the roof. Unlike its Montreal predecessor, the roof to this day is still in operation, hasn't fallen of the rails yet.

Which is exactly why you don't necessarily need the 4K TV. Sure they are beautiful units, super slim bezel, updated features are great, but not much has changed. Does anyone remember how 3D was going to change “the way we interact with television". Rogers is advertising some limited options in 4K along with Bell and I'm sure other providers will soon have the option as well. The problem is guess need to upgrade your whole system, pay more fees and be sitting 2-4' away from the TV to notice the difference. Technically 4K is 4x the amount of pixels of the current HD offering, but not even close to 4x the upgrade. Take a look at the picture above, that is a super-sized imagine taken from a 55" TV at 2'. Sure there are some differences, but as soon as I sit on the couch my eye won't process them anyway.

If you really need to get a new TV and you want to get the 4K I would suggest getting one with a decent up-converter. No unfortunately this isn't a star wars part (regardless of what the best buy guy says) just a simple piece of software on the TV that will take your HD picture and display it as 4K. The one good thing the manufacturers got right is that 4K is exactly 4x more pixels then HD. This week I was told an excellent story to back up this mantra, a client purchased a 4K projector and upgraded to the 4K cable box etc etc. After using the services for a week, the client wasn't happy with the projector as they thought something was wrong. When asked why....."There isn't any difference from 4K to HD" and with that I rest my case.



 2 1/2 years in 2 1/2 minutes, check out this video of the Skydome construction..