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WIRE in wireless

April 13th, 2016

Wireless speakers are great, decent sound quality, extreme mobility but limited battery life and super limited range. Traditionally a wireless speaker is defined by 2 categories. Wireless speakers that need charging by plugging them in, and wireless speakers that are plugged into a wall socket 100% of the time. How can a wireless speaker be plugged in you say? Simple it needs power! The "wireless" term is how it's sending and receiving music and information over your home or commercial wi-fi network and/or Bluetooth connection via smart phone or tablet.



Wireless speakers are wireless "temporarily" (needs charging) and some need to be plugged in all the time. The wireless term is meant to describe how you are sending the unit music.


Typical cost for something with decent sound quality and respectable battery life $250-450 dollars.

Typical cost for "disposable toy" speakers $30 - 120 dollars


Better Alternative, Wired Speakers, connected to a wired amplifier, with a wireless interface


Although not as cost effective as a "wireless speaker" the value and performance category's can't even be touched when comparing the two systems. A wired set of speakers is going to give you years upon years of rock solid performance and consistency. Not only can you add wireless features to your amplified system but you can also upgrade and change out technology as needed.  Get rid of the 1 and done mentality, "once I'm done with it, it's garbage". With a wired system you are going to get maximum performance and coverage with years upon years of enjoyment and reliability.


Typical cost for a set of speakers installed with amplification and wireless music capability $1400 - 1700 dollars.