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Wi-Fi Signal: Breakdown

November 18th, 2015

By 2020 over 1 Billion homes will have a Wi-Fi enabled network. Technology is driving almost all products to be "connected", this is it's accomplished. Internet providers install a standard "combo" unit that is considered entry level at best. To get the best performance get a commercial grade router and Wi-Fi access point.  A router is the "manger" of your network that handles everything connected to your system both wireless and wired. The access point for Wi-Fi handles all the wireless traffic and provides a signal directly to each device. It wouldn't matter how many devices you had at full strength or "full bars" if your manager isn't good it's not going to handle the traffic well.  The same goes for your Wi-Fi signal, it should have multiple bands for signal not just a individual one. If everyone is on the same signal on your Wi-Fi it's going to get slower and slower as more information is downloaded, accessed etc. Keep things in check and have reliable performance with a concrete network, solid manager and adequate signal