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Internet Streaming and Speeds

July 31st, 2015

AppleTV - Has the ability to adjust screen resolutions so that the content doesn't have as much data.  This is something that you would want to do at a cottage or remote home, if your internet signal is weak or not very fast.  Sometimes you will just experience the "spinning wheel" on the screen when trying to watch something, but the internet isn't fast enough to display it.  

GO TO AppleTV start-up screen

1) Scroll over and select the "settings" tab

2) Scroll down and select "Audio + Video"

3) You will then be presented with a list, I would stick with these 2 resolutions for best preformance

A) 720P HD - 60HZ

B) 480P - 60HZ

After making the screen adjustment you will notice some change in the appearance of your AppleTV display.  You will however notice a dramatic improvement in speed and streaming with your AppleTV


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