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Music Services (Summer 15')

July 31st, 2015

logo TUNE IN Radio - FREE music service. Tune IN Radio is availible on any device with an internet connection.  Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer etc.  Tune IN is also built right into the Sonos media sharing system. You can search radio stations from across the world by entering location, name, radio host and more.  If a station is worth listening too, it can be found on the Tune IN app.

- Free sign up and usage (Ads may appear on the native app on your smart phone or computer, not on a Sonos)

- Search for 1,000's of radio stations from around the world and locally (AM stations sound clean and crisp no more "bunny ears")

- Select and save radio stations for quick and easy listening anywhere, any time!


Logo RDIO "RD-I-O" - FREE trail service that will allow you to experience the app but with limited settings.  This is the perfect app if you want to be able to search for individual songs or artists.  You can also browse and search organic playlists created by users all around the world.  For example, listen to "Country summer mix 2015" comprised by Lyle in Louisville. The paid version is $9.99/month but you get unlimited downloads and streaming.

- Search for any artist, song, or genre 

- Download music to your device for "off-line" listening (for when you don't have internet, like a playlist for your car etc)

- Shazam integration (Shazam is an app that will tell you the name and artist of a song) so if you "Shazam" a song you can have it automatically go into a playlist that you are already using or create a new one.  Hear a song on the radio on your way home, listen to it in the shower when you get home seamlessly.  Gone are the days of searching downloading and all that jazz, the future is with apps like Rdio!


Logo SLACKER Radio - Free trial will allow you to use the app but with some limited functionality.  Premium paid service will allow you to customize your playlists and skip over songs.  The way slacker works is it will start playing songs in a playlist.  You have the option to give every song a "Thumbs up" or "Thumbs down".  This will essentially tailor your playlists so that you are hearing music from artists and genres that you like.  The more you use the app the more customized the playlist will become and after a while you will start to think that you yourself created some of the playlists because you will end up liking every song!

- Create your own radio station by picking "seed artists" (artists you like) and the app takes it from there

- Your custom radio station will only get better and better the more you listen the more customized the station gets!

- Paid service also offers more personalized options and settings to further customize your listening experience


Logo SONGZA Radio - Free trial will allow you to listen to the app's radio stations but won't allow you to customize or access specific features. Songza bases it's playlists on the type of mood you are in.  When you open the app it will present you with some choices for listening options.  For example in the morning the app might open and show "goodmorning, it's beautiful outside what do you want to listen to ?" You will see a list of icons with different activities listed for the type of music you want to hear. Going for a run, lazy morning, working outside etc are some of the examples you could see appear on the app

- Selects music based on the type of activity you are doing

- Allows you to customize your station by skipping songs or liking them 

- Music to fit the mood, don't know what's right to put on, just tell the app where you are and what you are doing!