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Android TV

July 23rd, 2015

So what's all this talk about "free" TV and "some box" you hook up and you can watch anything ?! If something sounds too good to be true, it usually no it always is! These new android TV boxes are basically just a tiny computer doing a simple task, they just made it look like every other TV box out there so you would feel comfortable.

After getting a box home, you will then need to connect to your homes internet, wireless internet in most cases. The biggest and most confusing part of these Android "boxes" is that all run different versions of software.  The hook here is that while some channels will stay current with the software, others will not.  This is when you will get the "wacky" things happening and you might experience poor, slow or no quality because the channel simply won't work.

When you select a channel on one of these boxes you are essentially just going to a website somewhere on the internet.  Since North American copyright laws are really good, you will most likely be getting your content from Russia, China or some other foreign country that laughs at the great U S of A's copy-write laws.

Who cares right? Wrong, the issue here is that you will not get consistent quality or access to some or all of the channels you watch. The programming also has to be updated constantly on these boxes as they have to keep changing to provide the free illegal content they are streaming to you. If time is money these things are costing you huge!

At the end of the day, sure you might get some free movies, shows music or whatever, but you are essentially stealing what others pay for.  Just because it is in the comfort of your own home, doesn't make it ok or allowed.  We are in the infant stages of cyber crime and stealing, but just like everything, once the man catches up the party is over!

I myself would love to get content for free or at a low cost, but I also don't want to have to run all over hell's half acre to get it working or jump through hoops to get a "free" movie on. If time is money then this thing is going anywhere but the bank........

Stay cool my friends it's warm out there!