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Cord Cutting - 1st Attempt

July 23rd, 2015

Recently I approached my good ole' renewal date on my providers contract.  As I was happy with the service but not happy with the customer service I knew it was time for a change and I was also looking to save some hard earned cash, because really who wants to just donate money to the "cable guy".  

After all, most telecommunication is virtually free across North America so how can I be paying long distance? Not to mention the $45 dollar bill / month, it's not the money it's the point I'm getting taken.  

Switching providers came at little cost as your just explain "the other guy will install it for free" which usually incurs a lengthy run around to a "we can do the same".  After getting much new, much faster internet and basic TV I was left with a little sense of wanting. Having only a little over 20 HD channels, basic cable is basically a line in the water to make upgrade at least to a minor package or some sort.  Low and behold, any channel, TSN or CNBC or a few other channels were only available in the $90/month package.

Don't get me wrong I will pay for something I want to see, or feel that it's something worth paying for (cough****some boxing fight recently $100...that one hurt) and I always do 1 or 2 season sports packages, so I am willing to spend some extra money, it's just the feeling of getting ripped off on a monthly basis that I have a problem with.

Finding thus far:


Home Phone, Internet (DSL) and middle of the road SAT package

$165 / month + tax

*Home phone was a rip off, just kept it because of the bundle savings. Internet was slow at best and the TV service was really good.  Customer service at an all time low


Ooma Home Phone (VoIP), Super Fast Internet, and Basic Cable

$125 / month + tax

*Internet is blazing fast, over 100 MB/sec download, OOma phone is decent with some cool perks, Rogers Basic cable is a joke and just a ante to try to get you to bet a little more.



I have been trying to get some sports services over the internet.  Virtually everything is available except for the NFL.  I think I will cancel my basic cable and just have a $85/month bill and I will get my sports in some run around way, too bad I just couldn’t pay for it right ?