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NEST - Hydro One Rebate

April 9th, 2015

Hydro One and NEST thermostat's have paired up to bring you the ultimate in cash and energy savings.  When you purchase a NEST thermostat and sign up to the "Rush Hour Rewards" program you are essentially giving Hydro one control of your thermostat for 40 hours per calender year.  This means that when Hydro knows or sense's an in flux of power loading down the grid they will predict this and adjust your energy useage accordingly.  Simply put, if your house is usually 20.5 C in the summer arond 4pm and Hydro sense's a "rush hour" demand for hydro coming they will lower the temp in your home much before 4pm so that when that demand hits your energy had already cooled your home to the desired level.


The great part about this program is that you can actually get paid to save your energy in peak demand times. Additionally they are willing to give you another $25 dollars to complete a simple survey after the "rush hour" season has ended.  Find out some more info in the video below....




How do I ENROLL in RUSH HOUR REWARDS program ?

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