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"Smart Bulbs" in your home

March 6th, 2015

With the massive incoming of all things "smart" I thought I would take a second and focus on a generally new piece to hit the market the "smart bulb".  Right off the bat I will state that these products are going after tech savvy individuals who are on a budget or who like to play with technology. In the future most of these devices will be able to "play" together and work in unison with some other app, device or appliance etc, but for now most bulbs only work with certain hubs.  A hub is an essential piece to any smart bulb offering as it is the missing link between your phone/tablet and the bulb itself.  It gives you the ability to "talk" to the gear without having to phyiscally interact with it like a switch or button does.  This hub is also going to try to get you to add other products into your home, like a thermostat or camera etc.  If you feel confident enough to connect to random wi-fi networks you should feel comfortable in this undertaking. However, if you like tools not toys, and prefer practical over playable then smart bulbs may not be for you.

One of the biggest draw backs to a smart bulb is one of there biggest selling features.  The ability to connect it to the light holders and switches you already have in your house.  This may seem great and exciting at first but what if you have a light on a timer and someone used the switch without their smart device and left the switch physically off. This would mean that no matter how smart your bulb is it can't turn on as there is no power being supplied to it.  Same idea with a three way switch, things seem easy until they want to get practical and useful.  Imagine sitting down in a room and having to pull your phone or tablet out to turn the light on so you can read. Not a very practical way of living or designing a "smart home" in my books.  

The best decisions are made when a planned outcome is achieved, not by just adding pieces as you go!