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Home Automation and NEST

February 25th, 2015

With "Smart-home" and "Smart Home Products" becoming more of the norm when talking about homes and the tech we put in them, it's good to get an understanding of what "Smart-home Automation" actually means. When we say something is "smart" that means it has the ability to act, react or in simple terms "think". These products are designed to "think" for you so that you can make your life easier and simplified. For example, Home Depot sells "connected products" in that if you buy this piece and add it to another, things will get better. This is where saying "I disagree" would be an understatement - quite simply I don't want my "Smart-home" thinking at all. The NEST thermostat is something we all have heard of or actually seen. It's a cool flashy thermostat that can "talk" with say your garage door opener. So this device being smart says hey the garage door just went up and down so people have left the building I better turn down the heat. Great! unless your kids are still home, or your husband or wife are home sick, or anything really. These features can have benefit and fame but it's only if it's practical, easy and takes a few seconds. If you are spending 1 hour a week reprogramming your thermostat for 1 of situations, shouldn't you ask yourself how smart is it ?