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All the right things, for all the wrong reasons

January 28th, 2014

All to often we are sucked in to a package deal, or blow out price event that can't be beat. In most cases these scinarios are meant to benefit the manufacturer or retail location looking to make some quick and high volume sales, althought it certinly isn't presented that way. We get fixated on the idea of a deal or sale and seem to go to any boundry to get it.  I have followed some manufacturers and some retail locations for the last year and I can say that for any given excuse, Black Friday, Christmas, End of the Year, SuperBowl, Olympics any reason at all to have a sale and one time pricing when in fact the pricing seems to be the same in all seasons of the year.  Technolgy is really only great and truly only a deal if it works and functions for you in an easy and practical way.  If you have to update a box and enter codes and re download software on something every couple weeks to watch free movies is it really free? Not in my mind.  


Getting the most value out of any system, design, house, investment etc involves planning and co-ordination with pro's that can give you options to get the job done on budget, preformance, visual appeal or whatever you desire. Better than any deal or sale is something that you use and are comforatable with.  Having a clear vision of what you want may not be easy, but going through the process of getting there is.  Don't believe the hype, don't buy into that last minute buy now, 1 only sales pitch. Take back control, create your vision and design your own experience, don't let that blow out sale block it for you.