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Digital Media Player Comparison Review

December 8th, 2014

While browsing the web the other night I found the following article and I couldn't agree more when it comes to streaming devices. With so many options and different choices available today it becomes overwhelming sometimes to make a simple decision on what's best for you. One of the biggest mis-conceptions I hear today out in the field are people saying they would like to "use my smart TV" to watch Netflix or other on-line content.  While some of the TVs "smart features" can be great selling features and exciting gizmo's and gadgets, they are hardly practical or easy to use when your home and just about to cue up Christmas Vacation for the family movie night. Simple intuitive and inexpensive media streaming devices like the 3 listed in the following article are reviewed, and I couldn't agree more with this authors outcome on her desired unit!

The best part about having a deadicated device for your online and streaming contect is that it's just that - deadicated to those features and functions.  100% of it's capacity is being used to maximize the features and apps they offer! 


Click on the picture to read the full review of each unit!

Media Streamer Device Picture