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The worlds first Family Robot

November 24th, 2014

I remember years ago watching the Will Smith movie iRobot, where he plays an old school cop who is living in the futuristic world of robots. He has a strong hatred towards them and feels that robots aren't justified interacting with humans.  It all turns out in the end that one of the robots actually helps him in the fight and that he was correct, most of the robots were bad....sorry if you missed it! I discovered the following video below and I couldn't help to imagine where robots will be in our lives in 5, 10 or 20 years. Simple intuitive technology is starting to creep it's way into the home, with many of these items being seen as a "toy". Although most of these gadgets are toys; some of them don't stick around for long, the real power is harnessed when they are integrated into a system or bigger picture. We already have started to get robots to work for us, look at the robot lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. Imagine how fun it would be to interact with the following new piece of hardware that is yet to hit the shelf, watch below and enjoy!