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Speakers that last a lifetime....

November 19th, 2014

With all products in any category whether it be cars, books, pens or pencils you will always find different models and styles at different price points.  With so many different speaker companies and a growing list of models upon models every day, how can you make sure you are getting good value and performance for your money. Simple, invest in a quality speaker that has quality components and a good sound. What makes it hard? So many choices that you are bombarded with!  In most cases some of you might still own one of the very first sets of speakers you have bought, and maybe even still using.  Electronics generally have a maximum lifespan of 15-20 years respectively, but the great thing about your speakers is that they never have to change, they can last a lifetime. Selecting a quality speaker, with solid components and a proper installation will leave you and your family with years and years of audio bliss. Speakers are the foundation to any quality system and are most likely to retain their value and performance over time. I still get goosebumps when I go back to some previous installs and hear amazing audio quality that only gets better as the tunes play on. 


Speaker Check-list:

  • Solid Construction - Look for bulky, buff componets on the back side of the speaker
  • Performance Materials - If it feels and looks cheap, it isn't surprising you with great sound sisiter
  • Industry Grade - Go for a middle to high end speaker company. Stick with companies who build quality, not everything. 
  • Visual Appeal - Performance speakers put money where their ear is, not into fancy flashy chrome plastic or designs.