About Us

Balaklava Audio was founded in 1993 as a local service provider and retail seller of commercial, auto and residential audio and video products. We also provided DJ services in the area.

Over the course of 15 years Balaklava remained open as a retail location with a custom division. In 2007, we sold the DJ business and closed the retail portion in 2010 to transform to an appointment-only showroom at the same location. This allowed us to transfer to totally custom solutions for home and commercial needs. 

Balaklava is pleased to offer both local and abroad our customers the best in home and commercial automation, entertainment and control solutions. Systems are available on their own or together “integrated” into a system that works with flawless operation. 

Balaklava works with the customer and/or contractor to design a system of networked products which operate with simple function while capturing every aspect of your imagination.

Find out more by checking out some of the video’s posted on the site, or follow some of our manufacturer links to see some of the possibilities of the future that Balaklava Audio brings you today. With locations in Mildmay and Elmira we are here to serve.  We will can work with any timeline and budget so don't hesitate you owe it to yourself to ask questions!

One of the reasons we're so succesful is because we've managed to build an amazing team at Balakalva Audio, with everyone involved committed to offering first-class service and support for our clients. 


Mark Pinder, President and Founder


       Mark Pinder 

        President and Founder


Mark’s two primary roles are Sales and Quality Control for all projects at Balaklava Audio. He is passionate about staying close to the customer experience and building processes that ensure success. The best way to be certain that we are delivering a great technology solution is to stay connected to the Client.

Mark is in charge of all high-level programming and service, system design, and employee management to ensure standards are met. He is CEDIA-certified and is a certified programmer for RTI, Vantage, URC and Lutron. When not at work, Mark maintains an empty nest in the country with his wife Sherry. He enjoys traveling, reading, day-tripping, NFL football and taking in as much of the outdoors as possible





Kelly Weber, Office/Shop Manager


              Kelly Weber

           Office/Shop Manager

Kelly has kept everything running smoothly at Balaklava Audio since 2017 as our trusty manager with over 15 years of customer service. In charge of both our office and shop, she keeps track of all administration including ordering, invoicing and payroll. She also maintains shop inventory on a day-to-day basis. Outside of work, Kelly loves getting involved in local sports and spending time with her family. Her favorite hobbies include watching cat videos on YouTube and collecting antique toothbrushes. 



Ross More, Technician


              Ross Moore



Ross bookends Balaklava Audio’s projects by designing the initial proposal with the engineering details and then implementing the installation. This allows Ross to fully understand a project before it is installed. As our team technician, Ross is in charge of the final installation for all of our projects. He takes care of all the technical aspects including racks, wiring and ongoing service.

Ross’s primary background is as a sound engineer, having worked for some of the top bands in the UK through BBC Radio Wales’ live sessions. His four years in the British Army as an infantry rifleman showcased his commitment to service and excellence. He lives with his wife, two girls, a cat and a dog. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, video gaming, watching movies and listening to music.




        Mike Schwehr, Installer

          Mike Schwehr


Mike is in charge of our jobsite installations. He brings over 20 years of construction experience to our projects where his tasks include pre-wiring and trim outs to ensure all our clients get a perfect, streamlined fit for their technology.

When he’s not busy at a job site he loves cruising on his Harley and spending weekends camping with his family and friends. Even when he’s not on the job, installation and construction are on his mind through a series of never-ending home improvement projects.  






WATCH AND LEARN ~ THE SMART HOME CONNECTED ~ Check out this video too see what our company is all about!


**Balaklava Audio accepts all forms of credit card payment 

***OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ~ Please call ahead to aviod dissapointment