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Balaklava Audio

New Bay Audio Elevate7 speakers, unique design a speaker with no tweeter

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What is Z-wave, and what can it do for me!?

Want that TV above the fireplace but don't want the mess or cluttered look?  With Balaklava and Vision Art Galleries hiding the TV is a breeze!

The BALAKLAVA Difference

All this “high-tech” stuff is supposed to be making people’s lives easier. For most people, though, current technology might actually be making things more complicated. Sure, today’s devices are capable of doing really useful and exciting things. But who knows how to make them work nicely, and easily, together?

That’s where Balaklava makes a HUGE difference. First, we help you to understand exactly what your options are. Do you want more readily-accessible entertainment, enhanced security, greater convenience? All the above?

Next, we’ll design a system to meet your needs and budget, while perfectly integrating the various system components with the look of your home. And finally, we’ll make everything work flawlessly and easily together. You get all the benefits of today’s advanced technologies, with none of the headaches.

No store we know of can offer the scope of knowledge, expertise, and customer service you’ll receive from Balaklava. Call us today, and start enjoying your home in more ways than ever before!

Thanks for taking the time to hear our story. We look forward to serving you.